GET CREATIVE! Absolution gives back control to YOU, allowing YOU to be your own apothecarist and create a solution to adjust to all the skins moods. Take a Master Formulation and adwhat Intensifiers your skin dictates.

French EcoCert accredited and premium organic brand with real personality and essential Parisian Chic. Coveted French style is typified by vibrant, great skin, and a swipe of classy lip colour in a red to suit your tone. Absolution helps you achieve a style so timeless, so sexy, so effortless, so you. This range does, however achieve tangible results for both Men and Women. High-Level, High-Grade, High-concentrations, Absolution combines organic oils from a wealth of minerals, vitamins and trace elements, to deliver a complete and perfect, naturally active menu to feed, nourish and transform all skins. A variety of textures, from gels, washes, and creams through to serums and oils, offers something for everyone that will anti-age, anti-wrinkle, brighten, tighten, detox and decongest. The very individual and stylised, Eco-conscious ( they use recycled and/or recyclable materials and only plant or vegetable inks), packaging is so stylish and graphic, it makes a statement in any bathroom. Each product is contained in Hygienic, safe containers that eliminates the need for harsh preservatives. All bottles are made from Polypropylene (PP) instead of glass, to guarantee the safest product which is preserved from oxidation and germs. There are no harsh ingredients in this highly, organic brand, which though gentle packs a punch. Absolution carefully select suppliers who engage in a sustainable development process; reducing its production impact and sharing its benefits by giving 2% of their takings to the non-profit Care International organisation which works alongside the most vulnerable communities to fight poverty. 

All Absolution products contain at least 60% certified Organic ingredients and always more than 99% natural ingredients. 

Absolution guarantees that there will never be animal testing on any products or ingredients used in their range.

Isabelle Carron, chose to create a high-end organic cosmetic brand created which combined ‘ bespoke options’, ‘ excellent products’ and all with real ‘ soul’. Isabelle, founder of the strategy and design agency Jak (Just a Kiss), was passionate that Organic did not mean compromising on expectations and results. Not when done correctly. Whilst working for numerous cosmetics brands throughout her career, she always had the feeling that something was missing: that intimate intuition YOU have with your skin and the possibility to adapt your skincare daily to deal with it's changing moods and issues. Absolution is a cosmetic resolution that mixes nature and nurture, design and modernity, Ethics and Results.

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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 items

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