Gaylia Kristensen


The latest scientific innovations and pure luxury unite to create a dynamic range of contemporary, cutting edge, anti-ageing treatment products that are the ultimate in sophistication and performance.

POWER…the power of nature captured

PERFORMANCE…the unparalleled performance of the world’s best Youth Actives

PASSION…sensual products that are a true luxury experience

This is anti-ageing as you have never experienced it before.

Cosmeceuticals have never been so sensual, so luxurious… so exceptional.

Gaylia Kristensen Skincare Versus BOTOX Gorgeous Beauty on Radio Gorgeous, listen now.

Gaylia Kristensen is a hybrid: super-effective and simply complex. It is a premium correctional line that combines Luxury, cosmeceutical, and natural, to deliver a concise and impeccable, reliable range. Used correctly and regularly Gaylia’s products will prevent and treat ageing and its many manifestations.

A world leading, pioneer in NATURAL MOLECULAR COSMETICS, working with State-of-the-Art, molecular polypeptide and protein technologies from the pharmaceutical world, enhancing them in some of the best laboratories in the World, by some of the Industries notable and advanced experts, to deliver a range that we cannot praise enough. Julie at Kloodos, has been in the industry for over 30 years and worked with just about most ranges out there, yet never has she seen results as dramatic and assured, as those generated by Gaylia: “ I love working with and recommending Gaylia, I like to give my clients the best value for their money and I know each time I recommend Gaylia, the client will be thrilled. Its worked every time”.

The technologies selected by Gaylia have clinically PROVEN RESULTS, are Naturally derived  not synthetic, have the most incredible synergy with the skin, any skin, and penetrate to Work at the deeper cellular level. Results are so visible, so impressive and so advanced, yet safe and gentle enough to use on pregnant ladies and those with ultra-sensitive skin. It's a revolution.

Proven to deliver Botox comparable results, without the poison, needle, or any animal venoms or stings, and to deliver real collagen stimulation to prevent the need for fillers or surgery. For those who like the Idea of advanced anti-ageing, but who prefer to use natural products on their skin to protect their health, and especially those who are fearful of developing “Frozen-Face”. Gaylia delivers all the benefits of Medi-Grade intervention, but importantly allows your inner personality, warmth and character to shine through an impeccably age-managed, youthful, vibrant and beautiful face. Gaylia enhances YOU, without the distortion.

Unlike any other range known, Gaylia Kristensen infuses the widest variety of the Worlds most proven and expensive, advanced technologies, into each product. Striving to deliver perfection to each grateful client, she pushes the boundaries further and includes each technology in higher concentrations than most ranges, for optimal results. No Trace quantities of any actives in the Gaylia Kristensen range! When you invest in a Gaylia Kristensen product, you invest in you, and you can expect the results!

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items

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