Kloodos Age and Pain Management Clinic on the King's Road, London

Kloodos are extremely proud to announce that we have now launched the word's first Age and Pain Management Clinic on the King's Road in London. 

Why is this concept so relevant?


Estimate revised for people living with pain:

Now estimated over ½ adults in the UK live with pain; More than 3 times the previous estimate, and rising!


Ageing Population from Baby Boomers onwards:

Women are now expected to live to 86 and rising

Men are expected to live to 84 and rising

Most live longer, but currently in poor health and in pain


Health conscious Millennials:

“Health is going mainstream, As consumers around

the globe search for better, healthier and smarter solutions that fit

their lifestyle and specific needs, the motivation for manufacturers

and retailers to foster strategies for a healthier world is powerful.”

Susan Dunn, executive vice president, Global Professional Services, Nielsen.


Desire to look younger:

BAAPs (British Ass of Aesthetic plastic surgeons) report rise in facial cosmetic surgery by 12.6%  2015

Male facial surgery up 15.5% in 2015

Facial Aesthetics market grew by 40% last year

Aesthetics market estimated at £2bn Globally

From the stats above we can deduce that we are an ever-growing, ageing population, and that we are increasingly becoming health aware/health conscious, whilst also wanting to look younger. Add to that the 20%+ increase in natural and organic health and beauty products and it becomes clear that as we age we want to stay fitter, healthier and look as radiant and young as we can; enjoying a better quality of life, longer. Without managing ageing effectively, we will continue the trend of longevity, coupled with inevitable poor health. There are hazardous side effects to taking pain-killers, and various other drugs (antibiotics etc),long term and traditional medicine does not have the resources to fully manage an ageing population with preventative medicine, much less with proven natural solutions. Understanding all factors, including the client’s desire to adopt a healthier lifestyle and a more natural and preventative solution, Kloodos offers a hybrid that addresses social issues and trends and provides a unique concept to help assist clients through a programme of natural solutions and preventions, to help them manage their personal ageing process. A programme dedicated to helping client’s achieve a dynamic regenerated, healthier, pain-free body whilst looking years younger than their chronological age.


The Inspiration 

“It was personal! When I reached 55 I noticed a slowing down in pace and the onset of physical aches and pains that were absent previously. I felt slower, less focused, less able, less mobile and felt a real stiffness when rising in the morning. Eventually I had a C-REACTIVE PROTEIN test, which confirmed that my body was suffering from Inflammation. Having been a therapist for over 25 years I knew how ageing inflammation was. Whilst fibromyalgia was not diagnosed, that and a host of other potentially life, and certainly quality-of-life threatening, conditions, were potentially in-the-post for me. I researched and found a solution and in finding my Utopia, discovered how many fellow sufferers there were. All of us are glibly putting our changes in ability and health down to age! It does not have to be that way. I decided to look at ageing differently. I developed Kloodos Clinical services.”

Julie Cichocki, founding M.D. of Kloodos clinics

The Dilema

There are few solutions that offer tangible results for healthy, managed, ageing inside, that subsequently reflects and manifest as glowing younger appearance on the outside, and a pain-free, better quality of life going forward. A results-driven, sensible approach that acts as prevention, as well as a solution.

What was needed was an approach that manages our ageing and regeneration, inside out and vice versa. A solution that can mitigate side effects from other lifestyle choices we make, and that continues with us through life, monitoring our real wellness and delivering solutions that prevent and treat common issues. A solution that managed our health and wellness and allowed us to live a better and longer life, whilst looking and feeling younger than our chronological years.

Kloodos Age and Pain Management Clinics

A Hybrid clinic (Para-Medical and wellness) dedicated to REAL inner & outer wellness;

  • elimination and prevention of pain
  • effective treatment of inflammation
  • reduction of reactive Oxidative stress, oedema and ageing (internal & external)
  • help with metabolic and lymphatic impairment 
  • tissue-molecular & cellular repair and
  • Overall regeneration
  • Stress & Anxiety management
  • Detox of the entire body
  • After Cancer therapy

Our unique 3 tier protocol for absolute results


Kloodos sourced unique para-medical devices that work on quantum physics, to deliver deep into the body bio-intelligence, in the form of coded instructions that can 1) reach the cells, molecules and tissue and 2) Communicate with them in their own language. These devices use LOW frequency, CLOSED CIRCUIT, MAGNETO-ELECTRICAL FIELDS, as transportation to pass the bio-intel deep into the body of the recipient.


Importantly: EVERYTHING we do in clinic is based on anti-inflammation, Anti-Reactive Oxidative stress and increased detoxification and drainage, all of which ages the body and the skin, and which are the pre cursors of all degenerative disease, and which impair all major systems of the body. The devices use only low frequency (No heat) so NO INFLAMMATION. They also use CLOSED circuits, so are quite unlike traditional Electro-Magnetic force therapy, which they must not be confused with. Electro-Magnetic Force therapy delivers heat and energy via open ended circuits and which can have moderate positive results (everyone knows of anecdotal evidence of how Magnet therapy has helped them) but the issue with traditional magnet therapy is that, it introduces heat and energy to the cells and this can inflame and alter the DNA structure, which can provoke or even cause other issues that are ultimately detrimental to our on-going health.


The devices Kloodos clinics use, work on the same magnetic pull as the magnetic Earth, and delivers no energy or heat, just the specific and patented codes, which are built into the complex software and which TALKS the bodies own language; thus generates NATURAL healing and wellness from within. These devices provide part one, of our overall and complete therapy and help us deliver pain relief as well as regeneration therapy across a broad spectrum of issues. These devices are used in the sports science and medical arena, and Kloodos are the first to take them into wellness, beauty and age/pain management.


Of equal importance is the delivery of Julie Cichocki’s advanced, hands-on therapies, a culmination of over 25 years developing award-winning spa therapies (Julie championed Oxygen therapy when it was new to the spa world and also was first to pioneer real health benefits of real chocolate with chocolate therapy) For client’s visiting the clinic, we administer the Bio – Intel therapy whilst simultaneously delivering a compatible and specific hands-on therapy; i.e. Drainage option on the intel delivers precise instructions to the cells to activate lymph and drain excess water and toxins from the body in this case we deliver our unique and advanced hands-on Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage of the body.

 Another example is when we deliver precise Anti-Reactive Oxygen Stress therapy with the device for superior anti-ageing, we deliver hands on stimulation and manipulation techniques to stimulate collagen production and prepare the body/skin to receive a full menu of anti-oxidants and macro-nutrients which are then delivered by the products we use at stage 3 etc. The manual therapies will always be centred around delivering specific results as determined by the initial consultation and that address the clients needs. Some of the hands-on therapies work on a deeper level to induce meditation and relaxation and are invaluable tools to help relieve stress and empower the client to cope more readily with stress, fatigue or anxiety.


Step 3 is of equal importance to Stages 1 and 2 and really does elevate skincare and choices of skincare to a whole new level in clients’ minds. Skincare in our clinics is not seen as one of many on the market: Every line we take into clinic is selected on merit and designed to continue the therapy and deliver the raw materials we have pre-cleansed, prepped and stimulated the body and skin to receive via steps 1 and 2!


We therefore don't recommend skincare based on the product name, brand or within typical and traditional skin categories. We discuss the individual ingredients in terms of benefits to the specific needs of the client, as determined by the original consultation. It's a lot more professional and almost prescriptive way of guaranteeing our therapy protocol delivers results, and that those results can be added to at home.


The Kloodos philosophy is dynamic wellness and improved quality of life, managing clients through to older years via real therapy that delivers real results in a 3-tier system, where all tiers work as a matrix and compliment each other. It is vitally important to us that the correct products are used going forward and at home, where the therapy continues and is not hindered by the use of products with inferior ingredients that can be potentially hazardous or a contributory factor in why the client is visiting the clinic in the first instance. No Kloodos products will have parabens or sulphates, all have real USP’s and personalities, all compliment each other and serve a specific purpose and can be prescribed to deliver exceptional and targeted, precision results. Kloodos use and endorse: Dr Alkaitis Organics, Gaylia Kristensen Bio Molecular technology and Forlle’d from Japan, where its Patented technology for splitting hyaluronic acid into microscopic molecules and infusing into it a host of minerals, earns this innovate range a pharmaceutical classification.


This is a very precise and tightly calculated system that looks at ageing from a new and revolutionary aspect. Whilst beauty inside out is widely quoted, Kloodos deliver it, and in a cohesive logical and tight protocol. We use proven and patented technology, so advanced and unique its not in the sector currently; We add to that exceptional hands on therapies to add a further dimension as well as additional results and finally, the carefully selected and curative products we prescribe are designed to continue the therapy at home.

In this way we guarantee Kloodos clients look better, feel better and indeed are better as a result.

Booking and Appointments

We welcome anyone and everyone to our Age and Pain management clinic on the King's road in London. To find out more information i.e price lists and availability,  and to book an appointment, please use one of the methods below to contact us. We look forward to seeing you in clinic.

Tel: 01299 269 211

Emil: info@kloodos.com

The Skinvigoration Facial, perfect for all skin types but phenomenal and a must have for problematic skin or skin needing a lift and drainage.

Julie Cichocki’s skinvigoration is so efficient at removing trapped bacteria and stagnant toxins, clients often comment, they can taste the drainage whilst the facial is happening! A glass of water post treatment removes any taste and helps further wash away bacteria to the lymph system. The skin is left super clean.

The Skinvigoration is the result of years of experience, expertise and knowledge. It begins with a very detailed, and extraordinary manual Lymphatic drainage massage of the face, neck and upper body. It incorporates muscle toning, collagen stimulation and double skin feeding. The results are visible, with the majority exclaiming in amazement “You’ve given me cheek bones!.” In fact, not only does the facial help to accentuate the cheeks, due to the sculpting work conducted in that area, it also, clears, slims, lifts, firms and helps to reshape and invigorate the entire face.

Mostly massage, and including the enormously relaxing back of the neck area, and the scalp, as well as the face and upper body, the Skinvigoration is super relaxing, despite its deep drainage. Using a personally selected Hero product, from our array of premium natural and exceptional brands to feed the skin in the final stages, it is the most personal and bespoke facial possible. Products used are selected on merit, and suitability to your issues and concerns, and are across a variety of brands. Consequently results are amplified. No parabens, No harsh chemicals, No Acids, and mostly organic or advanced natural Molecular bio proteins; the facial delivers active nourishment to a super clean and receptive skin, hungry to be fed with macro-nutrients. This facial has the double effect of increasing internal delivery of nutrients from the blood due to superior drainage and increasing nutrition via a topical menu to feed and guarantee the skin has all it needs to work with, allowing it the chance to respond by demonstrating remarkable results.

This is no ordinary facial! As Julie Explains: “I work from Logic and deliver medi-grade therapies that synchronise with the human anatomy and physiology. No tricks, gimmicks and no disappointments.  My Passion is, and always has been, advanced drainage. You cant build up and nourish a skin correctly, if it's full of rubbish and unwanted bacteria that prevent the natural nourishment getting through. We all have a build-up of bacteria, for all kinds of reasons, especially those in polluted cities, but stress, medication and all kinds of things can contribute, and the skin can look dull and tired as a result, or have control and breakout issues. I work in all the nooks and crannies, all the joints and places where bacteria lurks and hides. Most of my facial is therefore massage, as a result. I contort and manipulate the face to really work into it and hyper-cleanse, deep within. I feel where I am going and where I have been removing beads of bacteria as I work. I am so proud of this facial which benefits all skins. I have seen a fully inflamed acne skin calm dramatically during the massage, It’s totally incredible! At the same time, relieving toxins will instantly brighten and lift, allowing fresh blood to surge into the tissues to invigorate. Once drainage is complete, I awaken and tone all the facial muscles, helping to re-shape and re-define the contours. Many clients thank me for giving them back their cheeks! The final stage is to feed the skin with live, active macro-nutrients; I do this with a selection of hero, super-active skincare products that are personally selected on merit to show the best instant and long-term results for my client. No parabens, all natural based. I don't want to spend so much time clearing the skin from deep within, only to add toxins back in. My massage and the products I use, work in synergy to generate the best results possible, and prove you do not need Botox, fillers or machines, just skill, passion and a willingness to give to your client.”

The Massage will continue, during the skinvigoration, until the skin switches and the results are assured. It's a logical method and an approach that delivers on all skin types, all ages, having a positive effect on almost all skin issues. When a massage is this good, this corrective and curative, you have the perfect condition to build, restore, nourish feed and in fact turn the skin on! That’s what we do The results will last long, long after you leave the spa, and can be both seen and felt. 

Kloodos work with select outlets, to train their dedicated and passionate therapists in this exceptional treatment. If you are looking to offer the Skinvigoration, amongst our other therapies and products, please get in touch, we would be delighted to hear from you.

If you are a consumer/individual and want to know more about how our therapies can help you, or you would like to book in, please get in touch. We have locations all over the country where our therapies are being offered.

The 49th DAY: A breath-taking, unique, Luxury facial delivering meditational / DMT benefits for physical and mental rejuvenation and regeneration. Essential for clients who are constantly “ON”.

Its 2016 and we can be forgiven for generally believing that, as superior beings in a progressive world, we have advanced to our benefit. Just look at all the developments and progress that has been made over the centuries! Surly we know more than our forefathers? We have technologies and medicines at our fingertips, designed to look after our wellbeing, so why then are we not all bursting with energy and vitality? Why do so many of us feel discontent and unwell?

Whilst these advancements are undeniably there to benefit us and make our life easier, they do not always enrich our lives. We know less now about spiritual enlightenment, wisdom and the importance of inner peace and healing, balance and wellness, than our ancestors; That is to our detriment. Whilst technical wizardry and modern medicine can be undeniably beneficial at certain times in our lives, they are not everything to everyone! As in all things, it is a question of balance. For real health, wellness and strength (both physical and mental), we need to take time to STOP! LOOK! LISTEN! Pay attention to what our body is saying, and dedicate some time to focusing on our core. The unseen, the very essence of us! Empowering the body to regenerate, replenish and heal itself is not only possible, its crucial, but needs focus and time. Only when we master this are we truly enriched and able to then further benefit from all other advancements.

Over reliance on external assistance has somewhat eroded our own powers of self-awareness. We have disconnected from ourselves. We fail to listen to our bodies, or worse we ignore what the body is trying to say to us. How many of us feel tired, exhausted even, under the weather or just depleted? How many look into the mirror and see a reflection of a person they barley recognise? Is that really you staring back, drained, shallow, drawn, dark circles under the eye, a few more lines and wrinkles noticeable, breakouts and you didn’t even get them in your teens? Subsequently, how many of us then glibly reason it away blaming the weather, workloads, transport, stress? Likewise, how many feel aches and pains but pass them off as only to be expected at our age? If we fail to listen to what our body is trying to tell us, if we ignore the signs, we slide further and further into a state of degeneration rather than regeneration.

Its time to take stock now and make the changes! Importantly as professionals in the wellness and beauty sector we owe it to each and every client and ultimately to our business and our profession, to lead our clients in this direction by offering a menu that is inclusive of therapies that are designed to empower the body to heal itself, physically and metaphysically. Meditation is not new age mumbo jumbo, it is a crucial practice that connects and strengthens the client from within and is one of the most important practises anyone can master. There in lies the rub! It is not easy to perfect and master. For that very reason I have spent many years developing and honing a therapy that never fails to induce meditational, transcendental, deep, nourishing sleep. A face and head therapy that transports every client into their own inner-space. Helps them stop the wheel, leave the rat race and experience a breath-taking and nourishing, deeply rewarding and restorative sleep. The benefits of this therapy are deeper, boarder and more potent than any traditional spa treatment. A therapy of such profound intensity, your client will feel and see the effects well beyond the 60 minutes it takes to administer.

Why the 9th Day?

To understand why Julie Cichocki called this unique treatment the 49th day, we have to look at both science and spirituality. Medics have shown that 49 days following conception, the Pineal gland is formed in the foetus. At exactly this point ancient wisdom's including Buddhists, believe the soul enters the body. It is also the exact point when the sex of the unborn child is identified. A very important juncture for the physical and the spiritual and so a perfect title for a therapy that benefits both. 

The Pineal Gland

French philosopher, Renee Descartes referred to the Pineal gland as “ the seat of the Soul”

The Pineal gland is the most protected gland within the human body and is located at the centre of the brain. The importance of this gland on our overall health and wellbeing cannot be overestimated. The Pineal is a small endocrine gland that produces, amongst others, melatonin, a serotonin derived hormone, which affects the modulation of sleep patterns and body rhythms. This tiny gland helps balance all hormonal processes of the entire body and so is the key to a balanced, well-organised and healthy body. How we feel each and every day is governed by the Pineal gland. The pineal gland responds to the bioelectric signals of light and dark, and meditation activates this bioelectric energy. With practice, you can learn to direct this energy to this highly-sensitive organ. However few clients allow themselves time to perfect meditation, and so in the 49th day we offer passive meditation for equal benefits.

This massage works in ancient rhythms and on proven meridians to help detoxify and stimulate the pineal gland. In doing so we encourage the gland to release its most restorative, potent and spiritual hormone, DMT (Dimethyltryptamine). This is the hormone secreted during transcendental meditation, and the also the hormone that evokes dreams. It connects us to our inner subconscious. It affords us space, time and the ability to connect to our very core and spirituality. Deeply connected to the soul, it is curious that during life, to evoke dreams the pineal releases only a tiny amount of DMT. At time of death the pineal floods the body with this euphoric hormone, thought to be able to allow us to communicate on a higher level, the idea being therefore that DMT carries our soul to another realm and a new life beyond death, such is its potency. As the ultimate feel-good hormone, we want to regulate its flow into the body for its enriching and regenerative, restorative properties. The 49th day helps you to awake as the best version of you: Refreshed, reawakened, rejuvenated and reborn. It provides the peace and space for you to empower, strengthen and heal your core, for enhanced wellbeing.

The Eye Of Horus and the Pineal Gland. The ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol: The eye of Horus, is recognised as one of ancient Egypt’s most potent symbols. Representative of wisdom, healing, protection, restoration and regeneration. In fact everything on which our industry is centred. Look how its outline shape replicates the dissection of the pineal gland. 


During expertly perfected meditation, Buddhist monks were shown to have higher levels of natural DMT. It is recognised also that these are amongst the most spiritual, balanced people on earth; in tune with their inner self, calm, peaceful and grounded. They are able to switch off and focus, when all around them are in what can seem a permanent state of “on”. Their ability to practise meditation regularly delivers incredible healing powers to the body that greatly improve most aspects of day to day life.

Top 10 benefits to Meditation

  1.       Stress Relief:  Stress is thought to be the root cause of many degenerative conditions, physically and mentally.        By offering real relief you will be…
  •         balancing the nervous system 
  •         balancing hormonal levels,
  •         increasing brain coherence.

As a result, the body and mind no longer over-react to stressful situations.

  1.   Effectiveness in the work place: It has been proven that meditation can greatly improve mental agility. As a    result you become more effective, exhibit leadership qualities, Enjoy greater job satisfaction, Improve professional   relationships and improve Physiological stability
  2.   Healthier Blood Pressure
  3.   Lower risk of heart disease due to improved health overall
  4.   More in control and can help stop smoking
  5.   Drink less Alcohol
  6.   Benefit ADHD or hyperactivity
  7.   Improve relationships and inter-personal skills
  8.   Rationalise and prioritise
  9.   Improve intelligence: Scientific research has found that meditators’ test scores will improve in the following      areas:
  •         ability to successfully reason in new situations,
  •         speed of information processing,
  •         ability to achieve and maintain success in work, love, social relationships,

In modern society there has never been a greater demand for the 49th Day head and face therapy. Developed for clients who find it hard to relax, never experience the benefit of mediation and inner peace and who are wound up like a coiled spring. 

Kloodos work with select outlets, to train their dedicated and passionate therapists in this exceptional treatment. If you are looking to offer the 49th Day, amongst our other therapies and products, please get in touch, we would be delighted to hear from you.

If you are a consumer/individual and want to know more about how our therapies can help you, or you would like to book in, please get in touch. We have locations all over the country where our therapies are being offered.

Kloodos is the UK home to Dr. Alkaitis, Absolution Creative Apothecary, Dirtea, Opalis, Gaylia Kristensen and more as we expand our portfolio to bring you the best products from around the world.

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