We operate a program of welcoming and authorising only discerning salons and spas who are looking to join us in moving the spa industry forward. We do not solicit salon and spa accounts via cold calling, preferring to work on a strict recommendation program. Recommendations are referred to Kloodos either by direct approach from salons or spas, or via our appointed talent spotting scouts, who are randomly positioned within the sector. Their task is to vet, appraise and evaluate accounts they believe would be a perfect fit, with our mission, and who would be suitable to deliver the very best in sublime and advanced therapy protocols and systems, along with pure, honest, unadulterated and exceptional naturally corrective products.

Kloodos therapies and systems help to Heal the client on a multitude of platforms. They are delivered with care and always via a connection to the client. All are multi-dimensional as a result. Kloodos advanced skills and techniques can be trained to, and delivered by, exceptional therapists, only if the therapist processes the desire and power to connect. For this reason we only authorise accounts where this is evident. Kloodos authorised therapists will be generous of heart and spirit, and dedicated to their vocation and the service to their clients. In a Fundamental commitment to manage standards and quality of treatments delivered under the Kloodos name, we do not authorise all accounts who approach us!  We stand by our strict policy to work with the best salons, the best therapists and to deliver via these ambassadors, a program of Ultra-effective and highly advanced services and therapies. A Kloodos authorisation for any establishment, should be recognised as a badge of merit and distinction. A Quality statement that raises the standards and positions of our establishments at the top of their game.

For our part we therefore offer all our authorised partners the very best in curative therapies: SkinFormation: We offer a Q&A service where our authorised salons have access to our in-house experts which includes Doctors, Dermatologists and exceptionally well trained consultants. Skinformation is Key. It helps us establish a deeper bond and educate our establishments which we see as an on-going process.

Skinvigoration Facial Massage:  The TASTE THE DIFFERENCE FACIAL! This facial massage will drain Acne, rosacea, help ease eczema and will anti-age. You work in circuits until the skin switches, at which time you move on to feed the skin. Active, inflamed skin will respond visibly during the massage and the skin will begin to drain and clear under the skilled movements of trained hands. A unique and sublime facial therapy to thoroughly drain, tone, lift, firm, slim, clear and feed the skin of all clients. Click HERE for more information

The 49th Day: Forget Indian Head massage this technique is a dedicated therapy for scalp, head, shoulders and hair. It includes advanced Tibetan head movements and luxury facial movements to deliver meditational/DMT benefits for physical and mental rejuvenation and regeneration. This therapy is essential for clients who are constantly 'ON'. Click HERE for more information.

Raw Skin Feeding: We offer the very best in a range of Highly - Organic and highly active, raw skin super foods. Each deliver exceptional and varied macro-nutrients to guarantee the skin is topically delivered of all its nutritional requirements, despite diet deficiencies and inadequacies.

Injection free Botox / Fillers: We are proud to be the only distributor for very latest, state-of-the-art, award winning and highly effective, Gaylia Kristensen range of skincare products. Clinically proven to deliver comparable results to fillers and Botox, but without the injection or the poison and with NO animal by-products (venoms or stings). Combined with the skinvigoration technique, this brand delivers exceptional instant and sustainable results. Clients will remark that you have given them cheekbones and removed not just lines and wrinkles (Which you will do) but also Pigmentation, which until the launch of Gaylia Kristensen, was almost impossible to do without the use of chemicals or lasers. This chemical-free range and the skinvigoration technique has demonstrated, on many high-profile celebrities, its remarkable ability to treat and control pigmentation. Safe to use during pregnancy, Paraben free, this treatment is a winner for women of all ages and who are susceptible to pigmentation issues: Pregnancy / Age / Menopause. Click here to read about Sophie Anderton and her experiences with Gaylia.

Why Kloodos? We work with most of the Worlds top 5* spas because we have proven ourselves to be fresh, innovative and relevant to spa therapy TODAY and TOMORROW! We are different in every way. We set Standards. We deliver exceptional, ground-breaking therapies where results are on another level. If your business is an authorised Kloodos account, it is a mark of Quality and an assurance to your clients, and potential clients, that your therapists are amongst the best in the industry, and that you deliver treatments where results are assured.

We deliver grown-up therapy and services. In doing so we also have a mature approach to product recommendation and selection. We are a multi-vendor distributor. We scour the globe for advanced products that have a story and an efficacy that sets it apart from other ranges. It could be ingredients, processes, the people behind the brand, but always any range in the Kloodos portfolio is vetted and appraised for its ability to deliver. There are, within each range, Hero products. Each product across all our brands has an appeal to a variety of your clients for a variety of different reasons. We work with you to assess and review your business. What is your client demographic? What is you catchment area? What treatment do locals in your catchment area want? Where are the gaps in what you offer`? What treatments are most profitable for you? No one wants to be a busy fool, or to be so busy but have reduced profits. We approach beauty from a totally different angle to any other supplier. We work with you to define what you need, how to get it and how to deliver it.

We allow you to select across our brands and work out a tight, compact and powerful selection of products that are keyed into your business and your demographic. When you invest with Kloodos you are guaranteed to get 100% products that have been specifically selected with you and by you and that generate results. No product is dormant or left unused at the back of the cupboard.

With Kloodos everything is active: From each individual product you buy, to your therapists who are energised, passionate, and confident in the results they can achieve, and also the protocols themselves. All elements pulling together to deliver a standard that is above and beyond and that ensures loyalty, repeat business and referrals. All this adds to your bottom line profit and sets you apart from your competitors. If you wish to operate as a one-Kloodos-brand account, you can. We give you choice and freedom to do so. You can select any of our very special brands and be authorised to use that range in its entirety. You do not have to cross — select across all of our ranges, its just that we are the only supplier that offers such freedom and flexibility.

This is mature access spa therapy and we work with you not against you. What ever is right for your business, following our joint review and assessment, is exactly what you get. To find out more or to schedule a call from one of our trained and knowledgeable skin consultants, as we do not have cold-call sales staff, then simply call us on 01299 269211, or e-mail us by contacting us and quoting TRADE ENQUIRY. we will then respond by contacting you. Together we can drive professional therapy forward, raising standards and supporting each other to deliver exceptional results with significant rewards.

We look forward to working with you!

Note: For information regarding our brand new, world's first, age and pain management clinic on the king's road in London, please call us directly. There are a number of opportunities available for select establishments to get involved with our luxury clinics. 

Kloodos is the UK home to Dr. Alkaitis, Absolution Creative Apothecary, Dirtea, Opalis, Gaylia Kristensen and more as we expand our portfolio to bring you the best products from around the world.

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