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What is Kloodos ?

Kloodos is the result of years and years of total dedication and experience in the health and beauty industry. A visionary concept that does far more than just bring you the best in natural health and beauty, though we aim to do that as a given. Kloodos experience, expertise and knowledge is exemplary. Where most sites lead by bombarding you with product, we aim to inform, educate, assist, help, advise and recommend. We have expert skin consultants on hand to answer your queries, no matter what they are, believe us we have heard it all, if its important to you, its important to us.

We offer a complete Skin Health Check where we analyse your skin, your habits, the products you use, the ingredients contained therein and we talk, but mostly listen, to you about your goals, aspirations and needs. We then recommend a care plan so complete and simplified, it offers incredible value for money. If we recommend a product to you, we expect it to deliver the right results YOU deserve and want. Its probably true to say, that we take YOUR results and issues, even more seriously than you do yourself. Your results are personal to us. We know all of you, men, women, young, young at heart, want to look the very best you can. We know looking great is an incredible confidence boost, and that confidence affects almost every aspect of your life.

We begin a partnership with you the minute you email us or pick up the phone to talk to us for a one-to-one consultation. When products are delivered, we encourage you to come back to us, feed back info, ask questions. It's only by having this special relationship that we can really get to understand YOU and completely take your interests to heart, giving you the best advice and service. We take away the intimidation of the conventional beauty counter, the hassle of visiting your dermatologist (we have them on hand to assist with he more tricky issues) and you can feel safe and secure to open up to us and really allow us to compile a skin care plan for you that is keyed so tightly to your lifestyle, budget, needs and issues, it can’t fail to impress. Being on-line does not have to replace one to one relationships. Beauty to us is inextricably linked to health it is not sterile and cold. Its warm, nurturing, compassionate and understanding. We have very strong connections with most of our clients. Its true, as with most things on life, that you get out what you put in. We have a vast and knowledgeable resource here at your disposal so use it, jump in, get involved and join the many clients who are delighted they consulted us to re-program and refine and often simplify their home care regime and saw incredible results and also often savings, because of it.

Julie Cichocki - Kloodos Founder 

Julie is a long established and experienced therapist, with a wide selection of impressive private clients amassed over the years. Her clients include various royals, aristocracy, Models and celebs. She has been invited into the homes Of David and Victoria BeckhamSir Elton John to treat his various house guests, helped stage fund-raising events with celebrity charities, was privileged to be asked to deliver spa therapies to very private guests at the secluded wedding of Stella McCartney. Has been requested to conduct facials for celebrities including Kylie Minogue, Sophie Anderton, Marco Pierre White Jnr, and many more. She has worked with members of the Kardashian family, Was the resident beauty expert for a 10 episode TV series for Granada TV called “Trust me I’m a Beauty therapist," has written for MSN USA, and is called be a host of top Makeup artists for help and advise to “sort” various issues FAST! 

She has vision, passion, is creative and dedicated to helping anyone and everyone achieve incredible results without resorting to surgery, invasive procedures or even machines. Julie Believes the hands are the best tool any therapist can use, and when trained correctly, and when you have a real passion, you cannot help but offer some much more than a facial. Julie Delivers therapy and offer clear-cut, simple, easy to follow advise in terms you will understand and that your skin will respond to.

In 2015 she launched her best facial therapy to date, which drew from her wide knowledge ad skill base: The Skinvigoration is so much more than a facial, and more than a facial workout. As Julie says:  “I work from Logic and deliver medi-grade therapies that synchronise with human anatomy and physiology. No tricks, gimmicks and no disappointments  My Passion is, and always has been, advanced drainage. You cant build up and nourish a skin correctly, if its full of rubbish and unwanted bacteria that prevent the natural nourishment getting through. We all have a build-up of bacteria, for all kinds of reasons. I work in all the nooks and crannies, all the joints and places where bacteria lurks and hides. Most of my facial is therefore massage, as a result. I contort and manipulate the face to really work into it and hyper-cleanse. I feel where I am going and where I have been removing beads of waste matter as I work. I have seen a fully inflamed acne skin, calm dramatically during the massage, It totally incredible! At the same time, relieving toxins will instantly brighten and lift. Once drainage is complete  I awaken and tone all the facial muscles, helping to re-shape and re-define the contours. Many clients thank me for giving them back their cheeks! The final stage is to feed the skin with live, active macro-nutrients. I do this with a selection of hero, super-active skin products that are personally selected on merit to show the best instant and long-term results for my client. No parabens, all natural based. I don't want to spend so much time clearing the skin from deep within, only to add toxins back in. My massage and the products I use, work in synergy to generate the best results possible, and prove you do not need Botox, fillers or machines, just skill, passion and a willingness to give to your client.”

Julie has developed and written therapies for leading Global Spas and retailers and Peter Jones in London where she wrote the specialised FOOT treatments for Footopia. She pioneered and championed the health benefits of real chocolate being the first to develop chocolate therapy in the mid 90’s which is still a trend today, She worked with the worlds finest Chocolatiers. From chocolatiers to Doctors, journalist to celebs, friends to complete strangers, Julie treats everyone with the respect and dignity they deserve, and importantly is fastidious about delivering all, the very best therapy ad results they have ever had.


"Skin still glowing after a wonderful facial. Thank you. I can feel the toxins pop as you work, Crazy.” Sophie Anderton, International Super Model

“Earlier this year, I contacted Kloodos on a friends recommendation, the people there were so helpful and I purchased a Dr. Alkaitis Soothing Gel, as I am prone to break outs. I absolutely love the soothing gel, it calms my skin and soothes it. A few months later I discovered a new brand that Kloodos represents called Gaylia Kristensen, after a long chat with one of the advisers there, I purchased a Dream Cream from the Gaylia range. My skin has never been better I cannot live without it! Thank you Kloodos.” Lydia Badham, 25

“I recently bought the Dr. Alkaitis Cleanser, Absolution eye makeup remover and Dr. Alkaitis Soothing gel from Kloodos. I suffer with break outs, I work with the public and have to look my best at all times, I can honestly say after using these products within just a few weeks my skin has never looked better, I am so pleased with the results from these brands and a bonus, they are natural!” Angelina Muratore, 20

“I got in touch with Kloodos about some skin concerns of mine. Fine lines were starting to appear around my eyes and at the age of 25 I was growing a little conscious , I was advised to try the Eye Lift by Gaylia Kristensen. I cannot believe the results from this one product, I am amazed and so pleased. I also bought some Dirtea Chai & Coconut as a body scrub, the smell is beautiful and it leaves my skin feeling super soft, I love it! I will be a customer for life! Thank you.” Alex Dyson, 25

“I discovered Kloodos through a friend of mine and was recommended to have a Skinvigoration facial with Julie. I contacted Kloodos to enquire about skincare and a facial with Julie, the team there were very helpful and professional. I arranged to have a facial with Julie and it was wonderful, I saw results immediately. I have travelled all over the world and experienced some great treatments but nothing like this, it was just different, Julie was warm and kind and really cared and took the time to explain how important it is to use good products for the results specific to my skin. I now am on the full Gaylia Kristensen range which I adore, my skin is so smooth and hydrated and the textures and smells from the creams and serums are gorgeous. Everyone comments on how refreshed I look, I am thrilled. After some health issues, I grew more conscious about what I use on my skin, it is comforting to me to know that I am using natural products that never sacrifice results. Thank you Julie & the team at Kloodos x” Anita Mares, 56

Kloodos is the UK home to Dr. Alkaitis, Absolution Creative Apothecary, Dirtea, Opalis, Gaylia Kristensen and more as we expand our portfolio to bring you the best products from around the world.

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