Cryotherapy for Wellness & spa

Cryotherapy For Wellness & Spa

Kloodos are wellness experts...With over 35 years within the health and beauty sector, the Kloodos team have amassed a wealth of knowledge and invaluable expertise. We are constantly invited to consult on wellness projects due to the fact that we only promote real and measurable wellness protocols; we make a difference because we are the difference! Having consulted on large, global wellness projects for many luxurious 5* spas and hotels, we understand what it takes to make such a business a success. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing a new technology, whether that be design, operational, budget, safety, infrastructure etc...Kloodos are experts in this field and offer the most cohesive solution for Cryotherapy on the market today.

Kloodos' expertise and knowledge in the wellness industry 

Kloodos' expertise and knowledge in Cryotherapy technologies



The best choice for your wellness business

Pivotal to all Kloodos services is Cryo Therapy Why? Because it addresses all aspects of our target business:

• Preventative health
• Recovery
• Regeneration

• rejuvenation

How does Cryotherapy help promote wellness?

The Icelab -110°climate is optimised to deliver superior, positive effects on both the mind and the body. It is the cascade of physiological responses within the body that generates multiple benefits after leaving the chamber. 

3 minutes in the Zimmer -110° Whole Body Cryotherapy chamber has a positive impact on all of the main systems of the body and therefore has a broad effect on general health and wellness, resulting in the treatment of:

  • Burn-out Syndrome 

  • Fatigue and Exhaustion 

  • Circulatory disorders

  • Depression 

  • Chronic Pain

  • Sleep disorders

  • Brain Fog (helps with mindfulness)

  • Inflammation and poor Gut health 

  • Ageing and Skin conditions

  • Imbalances between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems


Electrically powered Cryotherapy, the only choice for Wellness applications... why?

  • Businesses operating extended opening hours, of up to 15 hours daily, where cryotherapy needs to be available on demand, can not and should not entertain Nitrogen Feulled cryo chambers...the runnings costs are prohibitive. Example, running a zimmer 2 chamber Cryo for 15 hours per day, calculates a fuel consumption cost of as low as £14 per day, regardless of how many people enter the chamber. 10 people per day therefore gives you an operational cost of treatment of £1.40 per session. In comparison, Nitrogen fuelled chambers have a cost per treatment of no lower than £25 - £30 per session and the only way to optimise and control cost of a nitrogen chamber is to manage the flow of people through the chamber i.e putting more people through in short time frames. This is restrictive in terms of operation. Experience dictates that clients arrive for therapy at different times throughout the day, managing it so that the bulk of these client arrive within short succession of one another is almost impossible. When demand for a Nitrogen cryo is spread out across the day, the running costs will rise expeneitially. We have examples fo sites who have paid £45 on average per session, compare that to £14 per day for a zimmer electric chamber that is on for a full 15hours per day, and the choice becomes clear. 

  • We understand that not all wellness facilities are the same and all have different requirements. All Zimmer Cryotherapy chambers are made to order and designed and built in Germany (German precision of course). We can custom build any chamber to fit allocated spaces and our design team can work closely with you to design the the facia of the cryo chamber to fit seamlessly and look as aesthetically appealing as possible.

  • Kloodos are one of only a few cryotherapy specialists in the UK, and worldwide, with their own service and maintenance engineers, available and on call 24/7.

  • Remote diagnostics as standard: All of our cryotherapy chambers come with remote diagnostics as standard, should any issue arise with your chamber, the chances are that we know about the issue and are already working on it to get it fixed; this gives you ultimate piece of mind and means you won't be at risk of losing precious operational hours. 

You can find Zimmer Whole Body Cryo chambers at the following wellness locations: