Frequently asked questions

Where did Cryotherapy originate?

Cryotherapy was developed in Japan in 1978 to treat rheumatism with nitrogen. Later, European researchers further developed the method. This is how Whole Body Cryo (WBC) came into existence, a method to expose the whole body – including the head – to extreme cold. Today, cryotherapy is widely accepted. It is not without reason that in countries like Germany and France some health insurers already reimburse the treatment.

Where can I find the dimensions and technical information for your Cryo Chambers?

Most of the information regarding our various Cryo chambers can be found on this website, including benefits and applications etc. Technical information and dimensions are sent over to cients upon request and once we have discussed your projects needs and requirements. Please contact us via the 'get in touch' page, we look forward to hearing from you and introducing you to our fantastic technologies.

Where can I see an exisiting Cryo Chamber in situ?

As you can see from our 'reference sites' page, our Cryo Chambers have been installed in some of the worlds most prestigious sites across the globe. We are always more than happy to arrange for you and your team to visit one of these sites to see how one of our Electrically powered Cryo Chambers works its magic in the wellness/medical field. We are more than confident that you will be impressed with what you see!

How can Cryotherapy integrate with other pieces of technology?

Integration is our middle name! Due to our combined 40+ years in the wellness industry, we understand the importance of integration, espechially in todays current market. We also distribute a number of other pristine wellness technologies and equipment. For example, Whole Body Cryotherapy is exceptional when combined with Intermittent Vacuum Therapy. We are always happy to dicuss options with you, to make your business the best offering it can possibly be.

How does Electrically powered cryotherapy differ from Nitrogen ?

Can you help with Engineering and design?

Kloodos are the only UK cryotherapy supplier with in-house engineers, designers and service personell. This means that we are with you every step of the way, from the intital discussions on design and positioning of our chambers, during the installation phase and right up until maintenance of the machines. It also means that there is never any finger pointing when it comes to any issues that may arrise during the whole process. Kloodos handle everything for you, making it stress and headache free.

How much are your Cryo Chambers?

We are extremely competitively priced. When taking everything into consideration, be that intial purchase costs, maintenance and operational costs, our chambers are the most financially ecomonical chambers on the market (beating Nitrogen chambers and other electrically powered chambers)...We are very proud of that! We do have standardised prices for the UK and the rest of the world so please get in touch with us to find out more information.