Frequently asked questions

Will TOUCH-AID PRO prevent me from getting sick?

TOUCH-AID PRO is a touch tool whose purpose is to help decrease your chances of touching nefarious germs, viruses and bacteria. TOUCH-AID PRO is part of a balanced risk management strategy which can help reduce your contact to dangerous germs, but it cannot replace regular hand-washing, mask-wearing, social distancing, or any other recommendations made by local health authorities. Make sure not to make contact with your face and the TOUCH-AID PRO. This is a tool and doesn't guarantee total safety from viral transmissions.

What material is TOUCH-AID PRO manufactured from?

TOUCH-AID is made of strong polycarbonate plastic. Printing is done in full-color. The touchscreen-enabled tip is made out of silicone.

What are the dimensions of TOUCH-AID PRO?

2.88 in long x 1.25 in wide x 0.5 in thickness

What is ReturnMe? What is the included lost and found service?

We are ReturnMe, the world's largest lost and found company. Since 2007, we've protected tens of thousands of our customers items. Some of the world's largest companies trust ReturnMe with their brand by using ReturnMe's branded recovery tags. The concept is simple. By placing your brand's logo on a ReturnMe recovery tag, you can gift those you care about (your customers, your employees, etc.) a gift of protection and safety. In the unfortunate event of one of their items being lost, their activated ReturnMe tag will allow us to facilitate the return of their lost items from anywhere in the world. Part of our service includes a reward to the finder once the owner of the item has retrieved it. So the finder of your item will receive a gift pack from ReturnMe for doing the right thing. And the owner associates that with your brand - making you the hero for offering them the peace of mind they deserve.