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As part of the Kloodos Bridge Series: Helping spas seamlessly migrate to Wellness

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Introducing Infin

Infin∞ is a vital protocol within the Bridge Series and is dedicated to delivering age-reversal of the brain and mental-health stimulation.

As with all Kloodos protocols, there is always a positive benefit on overall health however, they will all have their own USP and specialism in a specific area of wellness.

The logical flow of Infin∞

  • The Power of the cold and skilled touch to clear brain-fog, stimulate pathways and awaken the brain

  • Theta-Float Dry floatation system, proven to switch the brain to Theta mode in order to aid healing and render the brain receptive to regeneration

  • Photobiomodulation/Red Light Therapy, proven to deliver therapeutic light frequencies to increase plasticity, cognition, memory and to regenerate brain tissue...simultaneously, PBM removes energy- blocking inflammation and opens up the brain to Infin possibilities

Infin∞ - Endless Possibilities

The numerical symbol 8 signifies infinity, limitless and endless possibilities. Infinity suggests boundless space. All of this is encapsulated within the Infin∞ protocol which allows the brain time, space and therapy to heal and regenerate...opening up immeasurable ways in which the brain can affect the entire wellness of the body, from regulation of circadian rhythms to tightening the Vagus Nerve and lifting anxiety. Infin∞  affords the brain endless space in which to heal and function and is a natural and advantageous progression on from the real benefits of meditation.

Infin∞ provides assisted, guided meditation for those clients who find this practise difficult or impossible but, importantly progresses the journey onto proven regeneration for neurological age-reversal and ultimate wellness.

kloodos infin8.png
Kloodos Infin8.jpeg

Modalities Incorporated

Local-30°C Cryotherapy

Sound/Vibrational Therapy

Kneipp Therapy

Synchronised Light Therapy

Photobiomodulation Therapy(NIR/IRLightTherapy)

Lymphatic Drainage
Meridien Clearing
Assisted Meditation


  • Lymph clearing/Stimulation

  • Meridien clearing

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Increases cellular ATP production

  • Increases Whole body energy

  • Releases endorphins

  • Strengths/tones Vagus nerve

  • Increases neuroplasticity

  • Increases cognition

  • Clears/stimulates neurological pathways

  • Stimulates regeneration of brain tissue

  • Increases blood flow, especially to the brain

  • Clears the mind

  • Sharpens focus

  • Relieves anxiety and stress

  • Helps harness a feeling of connection and wellbeing

  • Induces meditative state for recovery

  • Combats blue light and Wi-Fi bombardment

  • Opens the mind and increases creativity

  • Releases stagnant energy

  • Clears, calms and then recharges the entire body at the cellular level

Kloodos Infin8.jpeg

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