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Electric vs Nitrogen Whole Body Cryotherapy

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Electric Whole Body Cryo Chambers Out-perform Nitrogen systems, but finding the best one is essential.

You can be forgiven for thinking that all Cryo chambers are alike, and that to reach ultra-Deep, Sub-Zero temperatures is a common and easily achieved task! You can also think that going inside any Cryo chamber will deliver the same results..

You can be forgiven, but you would be VERY WRONG!

Ultimate Cryo therapy that delivers the broadest and most significant results is a finely tuned sophisticated and carefully orchestrated culmination of many things.

Lets explain:

Electric Fuelled Cryo chambers are rapidly overtaking LN (Liquid Nitrogen) induced Cryotherapy. LN is moist, Electric is dry. This impacts the experience and the results for the client. Electric is cleaner, crisper, more sophisticated, more controllable and safer.


1) The engineers designing and constructing the chamber and the plant MUST be the best in their field and at the top of their game, and have vast experience at driving temperatures down sufficiently to cause the correct effect on the human body.

2) The design these engineers draft, test, tweak, improve and perfect, MUST create both the best conditioning inside the chamber AND protect the components so that the technology is robust and reliable.

3) The selection of individual components must be the best to withstand sub-zero temperatures and also perform the best. In simple terms also, think...Smaller the plant the warmer the chamber. Reaching Ultra-deep temperatures of REAL -85º and colder than -110º requires plant that is capable of continually and consistently powering down the temperature, whilst remaining cool and safe itself. Beware of devices that offer ultra-deep temperatures on the literature and on the LED display, yet have small plant to provide it!

4) There should be sufficient components built in to meet exacting safety standards with multiple failsafes and cross checks to protect the client and the machinery.

"Wet Bulb Global Temperature"

When all of this is in place, it's a case of using all 4 criterion above to fine-tune the conditions within the chamber so that optimal balance is achieved, observing the "Wet Bulb Global Temperature" equation which requires a balance between…..

1) TEMPERATURE (Coldest possible)

2) EVEN AIR FLOW (as even as possible and blown NOT directly onto the body at all)

3) HUMIDITY (Driest possible to maximise Oxygen utilisation, reduce fog and snow and enhance the therapy and client experience)

ONLY when all of this in place do you have a robust, reliable, economical, safe and effective REAL Whole Body Cryo Chamber. The difference is measured in profit from repeat business and low overheads and repairs. Above all it gives you total peace of mind, knowing that your chamber delivers the coldest temperatures with such exacting standards in engineering and fine-tuning that it is guaranteed to trigger the hypothalamus to respond EXACTLY how it needs to reposed to call your service Whole Body Cryo Therpay.

Without all of this, shivering is a high possibility and that is detrimental and counter-productive to REAL Whole Body Cryo and will block some of its effects. That results in over-promising and under-delivering and clients will respond with their feet, profits will drop and you will be forced to continually find new clients to replace those who simply walk away.

Whilst most electric fuelled chambers reach an average of-69º to -70º our Art of Cryo chambers go above and beyond in temperature and just about every other aspect. That is why the clients entering our Art of Cryo chambers comment regularly that the experience was better and the effect more noticeable immediately and beyond. Keeping a core of satisfied clients that return is the key to success for any business. To that you simply HAVE to deliver. It is always a better strategy to under-promise and over-delver. Our chambers NEVER disappoint, and we have a range to suit your specific business needs.

In terms of experience, size, research and development, number of specialised engineers, skills, expertise, number of Global installations, components used, design, and results, NO company beats the credentials of specialist sub-zero engineering of L&R of Germany (Art of Cryo Mother house) who have, for over 30 years, been crafting, perfecting, constructing and servicing our cryo therapy chambers. Truly unparalleled credentials, matched by no other cryo manufacturer.

It is no accident that our chambers are the best, it is by design.

THE DIFFERENCE IS CLEAR TO SEE: The image on the Left is inside a competitors chamber, whilst on the right is inside our chamber

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