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It's really all about Life and Health optimisation! About using basic elements such as the Air that we breath and the light we expose our body to, to heal repair and energise us, whilst we exercise. Its about having a 360º approach to fitness that includes movement, but also optimises the natural space around us whilst we workout. Its about being so much more than one dimensional which is what Kloodos is all about!

We specialise in integration therapies and have a real passion for looking at the bigger picture, Because everything matters...Right!

@kloodos design & install Therapy gyms, utilising advanced and proven red PhotoBioModulation therapy and incorporating increased negative ion air output. We transform gym and studio spaces, to enable them to then transform bodies on the outside via REAL therapy delivered deep on the inside.

We are experts in negative ions & COOL infrared therapy: The real therapy in the IR spectrum.

Kloodos add increased output of negative ions to existing AC systems to convert the air output and not only purify (a major benefit in itself), but transform the body from within. The air that we breath, as we breath deeply during exercise, is fundamental to our overall health. Life optimising negative ions, are typically found in forests, mountain valleys, at the foot of water falls and sea shores. Breathing pure, fresh and charged air has a profound effect on the body after just 20-30 minutes exposure. It has been proven scientifically that negative ions are healing ions, and the very ions the human body craves and needs, but is deprived of more and more with modern lifestyles, blue light and electro magnetic wavelengths (potentially detrimental to our health) and city pollution.

Negative ions are capable of nourishing the body, accelerating healing & Regeneration from deep within and switching the body to an alkaline state, to dramatically improve our digestive systems and gut health. By breathing these ions in deeply as we exercise, we empower the body to be more receptive and responsive to the exercise and to any further therapy, which our concept delivers via multi-beneficial Photobiomodulation.

Infrared & near infrared in correct doses and combined, deliver a broadly beneficial therapy known as PhotoBioModulation. PBM Therapy has over 5000 clinical studies, proving its value on a myriad of issues, from minor to major, on the body and the brain.

Red light penetrates deep into the body passing through tissues, that filter out other light. Infrared wavelengths delivered into the body via PBM therapy, are proven to absolutely reach and influence the mitochondria of the cells and stimulate the production of ATP: The life-force of every living cell. In doing this, PBM can repair and energise the entire body at the cellular level. Improving both our physical and our mental health.

•More Energy

•More flexibility

•Repair/Recover quicker At the cellular level

•Weight loss

•Remove Inflammation

•Stop Free Radical damage

•Release endorphins

•Trigger a cascade of physiological responses in the body and brain with more cognitive connections

•Stop muscle soreness

•Increase stamina

•Stay in the Zone

•Burn calories

•switch the body to alkaline

•Fight allergies

•Nourish the body deep within

•Improve gut health

•Heal at the cellular level

Combining PhotoBioModulation and negative ions delivers gym and fitness sessions that are for those who want to PUSH but not PUNISH their body.



This is the Next generation in fitness

We site survey, design, install, educate, and retro-fit/convert studio & Gym spaces

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