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Is Photobiomodulation the Utopia for health/Life Optimisation?

It was less than 2 years ago, when I was at an educational seminar for professional football, when a delegate I was speaking to, within sports science, said to me:

“When we discover something that can really stimulate Mitochondria and ATP, we will have reached UTOPIA!”

Well here we are today and not only is there technology proven to do just that, but the scientific studies show evidence that it does it exceedingly efficiently! What’s more, it does it by harnessing natural properties from early morning sunlight, honing, perfecting, tweaking and delivering it as a therapy that speaks the language of the body, ensuring maximum physiological benefits across a broad spectrum of issues.




Photobiomodulation is not a new therapy, in the 1960s Infrared light was used to effectively treat Jaundice in new born babies. As the years have progressed, and technology has changed, we have been able to replicate the properties of Infrared and Near Infrared and deliver these via an array of LED diodes that can have a profound and beneficial effect on the body.

Found naturally in early morning sunlight, Infrared and Near infrared sit at the cool end of the Infrared spectrum. Unlike Far Infrared, at the opposite end, IR and NIR do not generate heat within the body. In fact, you cannot even see NIR. This led some sceptics to compare NIR to the emperor’s clothes: You can’t see or feel it so it’s not there, and any subsequent benefits must surly be placebo. Now more and more research shows that far from placebo, NIR and IR combined, delivered as what is called PHOTOBIOMODULATION has very real and diverse benefits on a whole host of health and longevity issues.

Photobiomodulation uses IR and NIR to penetrate deep into the body and increase tissue repair, dramatically reduce pain and importantly, lower inflammation and Reactive Oxidative Stress. Used on sports injuries, Arthritic joints, Neuropathic pain, back ache and as clinical trials increase now being used more and more to help treat more serious conditions such as stroke rehabilitation and Alzheimer’s.

There are over 700 randomised clinical trials published regarding photobiomodulation and the list is growing. Brain health is one significant and exciting area in which PBM is showing cause to be optimistic, where it demonstrates its ability to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. PBM benefits cognitive performance and memory and improves Mitochondrial function of brain cells. It has a protective effect on Neurons, improves cellular repair of Neurons, Increases Brain-Derived Neuropathic Factor (BDNF) and nerve growth factor (NGF). Furthermore it decreases brain inflammation (decreases pro-inflammatory Cytokines and increases anti-inflammatory cytokines).

The list of common and degenerative conditions helped by the use of PBM therapy is wide and varied, and the reason?.........Because PBM therapy performs a very important task, very well: It has been scientifically proven that PBM reaches the Mitochondria of the cell, stimulates ATP (the cells energy), enables cell repair and renewal, and in doing so blocks free-radical damage and premature ageing, and dramatically reduces inflammation and Reactive Oxidative Stress from building up within the body. It is the cascade of physiological effects from this Mitochondria/ATP trigger, that results from PBM therapy that makes Photobiomodulation so incredibly exciting and gives cause for so much optimism.

Healing with light, at the cool end of the infrared spectrum, is painless and administered in as little as 10 minutes. Combining PBM with other immerging non-invasive and advanced technologies such as Whole Body Cryotherapy, which also helps lower inflammation and stimulates the systems of the body, helping the body repair, recover and regenerate, form the 2 pillars of a known and recognised health and life optimisation protocol. The effect is powerful and can be both seen and felt: Visibly younger, brighter, clearer skin, whilst you feel Less pain, more energy, more clarity, the ability to heal quicker and enjoy a fuller, healthier and longer life.

Photobiomodulation has proven its effect on Mitochondria and ATP stimulation, and so yes I believe we may very well have reached Utopia!

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