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After years of working with some of the best and greatest in elite pro-sport, and having spent decades developing treatment protocols for premium spas, Kloodos have merged this wealth of expertise and experience, from ourselves, and our valuable contacts, and together have developed a turnkey solution to help hospitality and private clinics implement a relevant and proven wellness solution that adds millions to their revenue, whilst enhancing their existing services.

Recovery Suite is a carefully curated collection of the finest technologies already working within pro-elite sport and private medicine. These technologies stand on their own merits, but when integrated with logical and proven strategies that dictate what therapy first, how, when, to whom, why etc, we are able to take away the mystery of wellness and deliver a cohesive and logical turnkey suite of therapies that are proven to work together to enhance effects and results and generate health and life optimisation for the client.

Wellness Tourism is an estimated $639 billion market, projected to reach $919 billion by 2022. Growth was 6.5% annually, more than twice as fast as tourism overall (3.2%), and world travellers made 830 million wellness trips in 2017, representing 17% of all tourism revenues. Its a sector that is growing faster than world economies. However we over-promise and under-deliver at our peril, and millennials who are known to favour experiential pursuits and who will invest in their health and wellness as a primary concern, will quickly become disillusioned if they can not feel, see and appreciate the benefits of what we deliver. Consumers are becoming more savvy! The internet and social media enable clients to find information in seconds. Its important that any wellness business invests wisely to be future-proof ahead of the curve and relevant, but above all honest and credible. Whilst no business can provide the latest and best of every therapy at all times for all people, what is fundamental is that the wellness and functional health industry delivers a carefully curated, well structured and well thought-out menu of services that are proven to deliver both real and measurable positive benefits to the clients. That means getting the basics right.

The fundamental pillars of Kloodos recovery suite are:

1. Real and Dry, Whole Body Cryo Therapy, to re-set the body and trigger cold response: Increasing metabolic activity whilst awakening & balancing all major systems of the body.

2. Medical Doses of Photobiomodulation with both PW and CW to Uniquely reach mitochondria, stimulate ATP and block free radical damage and premature ageing, whilst eliminating inflammation and reactive oxidative stress.

3. Intermittent Vacuum Therapy to aid venous-flow and stimulate lymph, improving muscle pump, connective tissue and muscle health.


All over the Globe, experts and physicians are realising that there are natural ways to really create changes in the pre-determined and learned health and wellness of clients. Corrective procedures that tweak lifestyle habits and deliver therapies that reach down into the body to help detox, heal, repair and energise; all without chemicals or medication. This movement, known by most as Bio-Hacking, teaches how to achieve measurable results by eating the right foods and enjoying the best and most proven therapies. Bio-hacking can add years to your life, and life to your years, and the scientific studies prove this is no trend, its a growing way of life.

Its interesting to study the fundamental principles of Bio-hacking: Not unlike the adopted practices common within elite pro sport, Life and health optimisation is based around these 3 staples:

1. Cold Thermogenesis (Cryo Therapy)

2. Light Therapy from Infra Red and Near Infrared (Photobiomodulation)

3.Healthy eating habits that include lean organic grass-fed meat and unprocessed foods

2 out of 3 of these fundamental pillars of Life and health optimisation are found within the Kloodos recovery suite. The additional therapy: Intermittent vacuum therapy benefits overall health by ensuring the return of blood from the extremities back to the heart for filtration and the elimination of waste and trapped toxins than can impede the functionality of the major systems of the body. It's logical that to get the body to work efficiently we need to cleanse it first and stimulate the vital flow of freshly-filtered and nourished blood to all of our organs. To further enhance the detoxifying action of Vacuum therapy, both whole body Cryo and Photobiomodulation have the proven ability to reduce build-up in the body of unwanted toxicity and notably have scientifically proven abilities to lower inflammation and ROS! That in itself is major, since Inflammation & ROS are the pre-cursors to multiple degenerative diseases including Cancer, Alzheimers, Diabetes, heart conditions and much more. Getting the body deeply internally cleansed is crucial to health and gets the body to a state of Homeostasis. From there Photobiomodulation moves on to reach deep inside the body and make contact with the mitochondria of the cells and stimulate ATP. This is REAL regeneration and rejuvenation at the cellular level. Both Photobiomodulation and whole body cryo therapy (When delivered in a dry and real/even -110º environment) create a cascade of healing and reparative actions within the body.

This combination of therapies will trigger a healing and regenerative cascade within the body that stimulates and balances all of our major systems and stimulates cell renewal whilst blocking free radical damage and premature ageing. Add to that the ability to deliver the body to a state of homeostasis and you will understand why this 3 step approach, developed and delivered to you by the Kloodos recovery suite, makes such a profound difference to the life, health and longevity of clients passing through your facility.

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