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London to get cryo-wellness clinic

www.kloodos.com are proud to have supplied this advanced cryo chamber and to have trained the dedicated staff at Apogii Clinic in London. Cryo therapy is a broad spectrum, beneficial therapy with wide reaching benefits and few contra-indications. It can be of enormous benefit to almost everyone for one reason or another, and kloodos are dedicated to raising standards in cryotherapy supply and the subsequent training and support available. The ultimate delivery to clients to benefit their health and wellness is paramount. The right advice in the right chamber is what makes the difference.

"A new clinic offering whole-body cryostimulation – a treatment using cold air to increase wellbeing – is coming to London’s Notting Hill neighbourhood in late March.

The Apogii Clinic will offer whole-body cryostimulation through Zimmer MedizinSysteme’s IceLab, a two-chambered cold sauna that lets guests ease their way from -60C to -110C, where they spend up to three minutes.'

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