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MEANINGFUL WELLNESS: The way forward in a sector worth $3.7-Trillion

With the global wellness industry estimated to be worth $3.7-trillion, and with it reporting growth statistics of 15% and growing year on year, when the world economy is suffering, its no surprise that more and more hospitality providers are looking towards delivering a service that incorporates wellness to attract and maintain clients.

We are Wellness Curators

Preventative health is huge, and is a topic close to everyone’s heart. Its been proven that people will willingly opt to spend spare income on self-help, on making themselves look and feel better, and helping their family members likewise, given the chance. Never before has it been so necessary. Barely a day goes by without picking up the newspaper to read the latest health scare or the most recent statistic, evidencing how our lifestyle, our environment and our workplace, are having detrimental affects on our health. Add to this the fact that in the UK the National health service, brilliant as it is, is simply not geared up, and does not have the resources needed, to offer diverse preventative health. That approach is something more and more people, in ever growing numbers, are accepting as their responsibility, and according to the revenue generated globally, is something we are willing to pay for. But is it that easy? Where do these health conscious individuals with disposable income, which they are keen to spend on their wellness, go?

The rapid and substantial growth in global wellness tourism provides much of the answer, growing more than twice as fast as overall tourism, according to figures, which show that in 2015, 691 million travellers embarked on wellness trips, whilst in 2013, 587 million invested in health travel. In monetary terms that equates to a $563.2 Billion spend by 2015. The hospitality market is ideally positioned to maximise this opportunity for revenue, providing as it does, both accommodation, and often spa facilities. It is not, however, purely an exercise in revenue expansion for these businesses, but more commonly an exercise in revenue protection, as more people are looking to the spa and leisure sector to provide real and positive benefits to their health. It is becoming more and more the case that providing a luxurious spa and a well-equipped gym, is insufficient to attract guests.

The lines between corporate hospitality providers and leisure are also blurring. As all travellers look to stay in hotels that have some offering to help them recover from their journey, prepare for their business meetings and hectic schedules, or to really take care of them during their stay so efficiently it has an impact on their health whilst guests and preferably when they leave also. Of course there are differing levels, in which hospitality can invest in this movement, but all need to look to their services to address the real and growing needs of their customers.

In our (Klooods) experience, hospitality providers and investors we meet daily are very aware of the need for wellness services. The problem however is how do they provide such services? To what extent do they invest? Who can they work with? What are the models they can adopt? What is the viability? Are there local benefits to be maximised? In other words, what is exactly right for their business and how do they achieve it?

At Kloodos we are committed to establishing and preserving the integrity and credibility of the wellness and wellness tourism sector. Its an old adage, but true, If you are going to do something, you must do it right, and have a cohesive offer that fits with the personality of the business and which is delivered with expertise and a real structure. It might be that your business wishes to develop this service, gradually, mastering each development before strategically moving forward; It might be that you are committed to offering a full and integrated, complete wellness service. For those looking to embrace the latter, the word integrated, is key. Not only should the services within the wellness spa be integrated, but also these should likewise be integrated with all other aspects of the business including F&B, rooms, gym, etc. No matter what level of investment you choose, you should commit to it completely.

Kloodos have a blueprint that helps our business partners deliver what we like to term “MEANINGFUL WELLNESS” to their clients. That blueprint is a route, a journey that takes guests through from diagnostics to recovery (achieving homeostasis), onto regeneration (proven stimulation of body systems and functionality) and ultimate rejuvenation (regenerating at cellular and systemic level, creates real and visible rejuvenation). Our complete model works with our providers to construct real and necessary, in fact, vital, care plans that not only attract clients for longer (7-14 days) but that also deliver results that are both visible and measurable at the end of their stay. This is MEANINGFUL WELLNESS, where the visit has had a positive impact on clients wellbeing during the stay, and where the advice and lessons learnt by the guest, can be carried forward to inform their lifestyle choices when they leave. This too is proven to generate repeat business as clients look to return time after time, to renew their own conviction to wellness and where they can get real and proven therapies that deliver advanced results to keep them on track.

For clients who wish to invest in stages, we offer advice, protocols and technologies that are clinically proven to deliver physiological and positive changes within the body. Some of the advanced technology we supply, install and maintain, can deliver benefits in all of the categories that construct our blueprint to MEANINGFUL WELLNESS: Recovery/Regeneration/Rejuvenation and some in addition add pain-management for increased revenue potential. Whole Body Cryo Therapy for example is such a therapy. Just as all the equipment within the Kloodos portfolio is clinically proven, world-class and premium, with most porting over from the world of elite professional sport, so our cryo therapy offers the most complete and diverse therapy. Kloodos understand cryo therapy, be it for professional sport, luxury hospitality or medi-spa. We have unique protocols to help you maximise the potential of cryo for business revenue and help your guests get the most from this 3 minute body re-set. Many premium and progressive hospitality clients are investing in whole Body cryo therapy from Kloodos, because of its wide, and positive benefits. It helps our clients move into wellness. It’s pivotal to our blueprint because it helps achieve homeostasis and then assists the body to regenerate and rejuvenate as well as diminish inflammation and pain. In this way Whole Body Cryo, when delivered correctly, and with the correct and proven equipment, is a brilliant place for hospitality to start in their development into wellness. When the client is ready, we then help them move into deliverable therapies and protocols that offer proven improvements in all of our specialised categories.

Kloodos specialised Therapy categories:

·     Diagnosis

·     Recovery (Detox and Homeostasis)

·     Regeneration

·     Rejuvenation

·     Pain management

Kloodos Therapies:

·     Blood Testing

·     Thermal imaging with Doctor lead recommendation’s

·     Nutrition and Naturopathy

·     Physiotherapy

·     Muscular skeletal & posture/Bio mechanical

·     Orthopaedic

·     Aesthetics

·     Advanced/unique PRP

·     Stem Cell Banking and Therapy

·     Whole Body Cryo Therapy and Local Cryo

·     Vacuum Therapy

·     Oxygen Therapy (Inc. Hyperbaric)

·     Hydro Therapy ( A variety of water based therapies and systems)

·     Thermal Therapy ( hot and cold )

·     Dermatology

·     Radio Frequency

·     Ultra Sound

·     Shockwave

·     EMS (Electronic Muscle stimulation)

·     Brain Training

·     Physical Therapy (gym)

·     Cryolipolysis fat removal (none-invasive)

·     Stress management and mindfulness

·     Sleep-regulating therapy

·     Hormone balancing therapy

·     Meso therapy and vitamin infusions

·     Weight loss

·     LED light therapy

·     Gut Health

Consultancy and/or supply with options for operation

Kloodos can supply equipment, protocols, training, full consultancy, and even have operation contracts available, which means that if you are serious about moving into wellness and delivering the best service that’s right for your business and your guests, then we have a service level that can help you achieve your goals with integrity and credibility.

Kloodos can even help you construct buildings, bedrooms, therapy rooms, suites, pool areas, restaurants etc. where the fabric of the building itself, delivers real and measurable therapy, even before any equipment of other therapy is installed. By working with the most advanced and skilled expert engineers who specialise in acoustics, sound wave frequencies and sublime natural LED lighting, we create an environment that is clinically proven to reduce stress and tension immediately upon entering, and begin aiding the body in its natural desire to heal itself. The heart rate is reduced and the resulting brain patterns are similar to those achieved after a long and nourishing sleep. We create Sleep rooms where after 20 minutes, the effect on the body is the same as a long and deep sleep. Likened to sleeping awake, 20 minutes in our sleep chamber has remarkable physiological effects on the brain and the body and so the health and wellbeing of the guest. A natural and perfectly sound, restorative sleep follows at bedtime.

In this way Kloodos guarantees your Business delivers real and MEANINGFUL WELLNESS, within a real and meaningful wellness building. In an ideal world, to Kloodos, everything we do, everything we build, everything we eat, and everywhere we go, should be cumulatively helping to both make and keep us well.

This is the future and Kloodos are committed to staying at the cutting edge of the wellness sector. Working with us, at no matter at what level, guarantees that whatever the investment, what ever you offer, it is delivered with expertise and a promise to make a difference, on so many levels, for you and your client.

Please get in touch for more info on how we could benefit your business.

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