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We Are Wellness Curators

Kloodos is a unique hybrid supplying best-in-class and only medically/clinically proven technologies to the elite professional sport sector, high-end luxury hospitality/ hotels, private medical facilities, wellness centres and luxury private residences globally. You can find our technologies, protocols and intellectual property in some of the most awarded and luxurious destinations dedicated to wellness.

Our wealth of expert knowledge across specialised disciplines helps us to cut through the hype, sort the confusion and demystify optimised wellness.  One technology at a time, or a complete concept, you decide.

zimmer superior whole body cryo chamber.
A Chamber To Suit all Requirements

Every facility has its own personality and appeals to a different demographic. We have a chamber perfectly suited to match your unique set of requirements, but no matter which one you choose thats right for your business, we guarantee peace of mind...because quite simply, you will be the proud owner of the coldest, most efficient and robust Cryotherapy chamber of its category.

The Coldest Chamber on The Market

Proven time after time to be the most honest and reliable chamber, with the most accurate temperatures displayed on the LED readouts, our units are acknowledged as being the Rolls- Royce of Cryotherapy chambers. To reach ultra-deep, sub-zero temperatures, consistently and continuously, is not easy, our chambers achieve it and more. The starndard by which all other manufacturers measure themselves but fail to replicate..

Over 300 Prestigious Locations Worldwide

Our world class Cryotherapy Chambers are installed in over 350 specialist Cryo locations worldwide, spanning 25+ countries. Our Cryo chambers are the preffered choice for Cryo dedicated clinics, 5* hotels, 5* wellness facilities, premier sporting clubs and training grounds, sporting institutes, boutique and commercial gyms, hospitals, private yachts and private homes. Since bringing the first electric whole body cryotherapy chamber to the market 30 years ago, there are no zimmer chambers out of commission due to faulty parts or technical issues.

World Class Design, Software and Therapy 

Designed to stimulate healthy cellular function, the Mitogen Whole Body Light Pod and Panels deliver optimal healing wavelengths of light at 660 nm and 850 nm. Our products are the only PBM products on the market designed by a Doctor. We cut through the 'hype' of Red Light Therapy, and deliver meaningful, results-driven products for anyone wanting to introduce the healing benefits of Red light into their home/business/

Mitogen Whole Body Red Light/Photobiomodulation Pod

The Worlds most advanced Whole Body Photobiomodulation Pod. Our pod is the only PBM/Red Light Therapy pod on the market with adjustable Irradiance; this allows for tailored therapy at a fraction of the time. Not only that, our pod is also the only system on the market that combines Pulsed Wave with Continuous Wave. We also wanted to make Photobiomodulation Therapy available to more people and therefore decided to make it cost-effective; our Mitogen Pod is almost half the price of its nearest competitor.

Mitogen Single Red Light/Photobiomodulation Panels

The Mitogen Light Panel was designed for Home or Studio use where the Whole Body Light Pod isn’t practical. Delivering Irradiance of > 100+ mw/cm2 with Zero EMF and Zero Flicker, our light panels are installed quickly, easily and provide unparalleled PBM Therapy at home or in smaller spaces.