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3 In 60 Wellness

The Future of Wellness is Here

A Full and Total Concept Optimising Physical & Mental Health and Positively Impacting Ageing Trajectory.

Kloodos have spent years developing a turn-key solution for optimal wellness and we are delighted to welcome discerning and forward thinking organisations and businesses to learn more about our unique and totally exclusive concept...Begin your wellness journey with Kloodos and benefit from our invaluable expertise...your business, and more importantly your clients, will thank us.

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Where it began...

With over 30 years experience in the spa and wellness industry, our director Julie Cichocki has developed an extraordinary sense of what the market wants.


Ahead of the curve, Julie began back in 2014 to advise spas and gyms that wellness was the way forward. Pure air and negative ions were how it all began, long before Pandemics and viruses were dominant. Julie’s appreciation of Advanced Technologies was piqued when she worked closely

with the sports science department at Manchester City Football Club and also Manchester’s premium sports medical facility, MIHP. After understanding exactly what the technologies in professional sport were capable of achieving, Julie was amongst the first to really understand that the same technologies were necessary and really needed to help spa deliver real wellness, and so Kloodos Wellness began its journey.

What we learnt...

We began researching huge varieties of technologies, before honing the specific categories and layers needed to deliver a cohesive route to measurable wellness. Once the categories were established, we approached the manufacturers of only the best devices, proven to have impact. We secured sole distribution rights across all and were able to define our market as hospitality and spa across physical geographical territories. The vision and passion of team Kloodos has always been to take our concept to premium spa, fitness and private members clubs, and together to make a real difference that positively impacts consumers mental and physical health and improves fitness. A tall order! So much to do, So much to deliver. How could we achieve this, it needed to be made accessible, in a simple format and in blocks of time that consumers could afford. It needed to be special. It needed to be proven and it needed to get results. 

Yoga at Home

3 In 60 Was Born

Taking 60 minutes as our focus for optimum delivery time, but also adhering to our belief in the magical power of 3, we dedicated time to devising a strategy based on Detox-Recovery-Regeneration as the route to wellness, where clients received therapies that would Prep-Intensify-Recover and so 3-in-60 was born.


We worked tirelessly with our chosen manufacturers to concentrate therapies into no more than 20 minute time blocks, but that would importantly intensify, not dilute results.


We are proud that 3-in-60 can boast that if clients give just 60 minutes of their time, our concept will positively impact their mental & physical health and fitness and will add life to their years and years to their life.

Literally 3...In...60

Every technology that has been meticulously curated by Kloodos in our 3 in 60 concept is proven to reduce inflammation, but that’s not all...Each has an individual USP that further reduces ageing and optimizes health, wellness and fitness.

The 3 in 60 concept delivers a positive impact and is a complete 360° optimisation strategy.

The core philosophy is that clients select 3 therapies from a selection of technologies/services that together can be delivered consecutively but always within 60 minutes: 3 in 60

Iyengar Class

Specific Care Programs 3-in-60 Can Open Up

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Skin Clinic

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Hair Clinic

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Brain Clinic

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Vascular Clinic

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Recovery Clinic

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Hormonal Clinic

White Room

Weight Clinic

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Female/Male Clinic

We've done the Calculations...

The concept is completely worked out and formulated for you so you know:

Scalable and expandable as you grow, this concept is a perfect concise way to invest in complete wellness that delivers tangible and measurable improvements in mental health, physical health and fitness and which will absolutely improve longevity expectations.

How much it costs
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Expected return on investment

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