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The Bridge Series From

Helping spas seamlessly migrate to Wellness

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The Bridge

With over 40 years experience in the skincare and spa industry, the management team at Kloodos have a sixth-sense for what consumers want and need and therefore, what spas and wellness facilities should offer.

We understand:
• The power of touch

• The need for connection

• The vital role of ‘flow’

All of these elements form the backbone of any successful, luxury spa. Clients engage with the ideology of massage, serenity, peace and ‘time-out’, all of which deliver a therapy in their own right.


The magic of Kloodos is that we take this ideology and merge it with the post-pandemic 21st Century deep need for real and measurable wellness: a wellness that is only delivered and advanced via proven, well researched and regenerative technologies.

Kloodos distribute the widest array of the finest, best-in-class technologies. Our depth of understanding of each device, and its important role in any journey to 360° wellness, enables us to offer unparalleled intelligence and integration.

Kloodos’ expertise and specialism is to offer unparalleled protocols that integrate not only the individual technologies, for the best outcome for the client, but also, to incorporate the most skilled and proven hands-on techniques with said technologies, to deliver the all important Bridge.

The Bridge Series of protocols from Kloodos will always include a fundamental hands-on element. The Bridge offers spas treatments that combine hands-on touch with technologies, to see both working in unison to compliment and enhance one another. This delivers ultimate advanced results for both physical and mental health optimisation.


The Bridge stays true to spa ethos, but introduces technological breakthroughs and is the vital bridge that transports Zen spas into the world of technological wellness, without being ‘too clinical’.

The Bridge Series includes protocols that take the technologies to the treatment couch.

Quite simply, the Bridge is the best of two worlds, Zen and technology.

kloodos - the bridge series.jpeg

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