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As part of the Kloodos Bridge Series: Helping spas seamlessly migrate to Wellness

Kloodos Cryo-to-Couch.png

Introducing Cryo-to-Couch

Cryo-to-Couch is a unique series of protocols that allows you to add cryotherapy to your menu, regardless of whether you have a whole Body cryo chamber or not.

The power of the cold has long been recognized and celebrated: never more so than now with the growing interest in whole body cryotherapy chambers and the amazing marketing and exposure delivered by the enormously popular Wim Hof (The Ice Man).

Kloodos distribute the very best-in-class whole body cryotherapy chambers and have vast experience in delivering cold therapy and educating in the physiological effects it has on the body as a whole.

Cooling the body in the right way will automatically slow down circulation and increase communication from the thermo- receptors in the skin, to the brain. Manipulating this communication can have profound effects on localised areas or the body in its entirety.

Kloodos work with experts across a range of sectors, including professional elite sport, physiotherapy and medical practitioners who utilise the power of the cold for specific results.

Why take Cryo to the Couch

Through experience, we have discovered the power of taking -30°C and delivering it to the body at the couch. Instead of distracting from whole body cryotherapy delivered in a whole body chamber, we found that it introduces cryotherapy to those who would otherwise not engage; those who are perhaps a little anxious or nervous of total exposure to -85 °C or even colder.

For those facilitates where whole body cryotherapy, via a dedicated chamber, is not possible for whatever reason, Cryo-to-Couch gives a meaningful and results-driven program of treatments that allows you to benefit from adding cryotherapy to your menu.

In fact, Cryo-to-Couch is not an inferior version of whole body cryotherapy but a therapy in its own right. The power of touch, when combined with the power of the cold, is a completely revolutionary therapy protocol as a stand alone modality.

The equipment required for Cryo-to-Couch is our reliable and proven -30 °C local cryotherapy device that is transportable from room to room; this enables total flexibility and ensures you can offer cryotherapy in any of your treatment rooms with ease.

Kloodos Cryo-to-Couch.png
Kloodos Cryo-to-Couch.png

In our unique protocols, local cryotherapy has direction, power, purpose and impact.

A very contemporary version of traditional Kneipp Therapy with more advanced outcomes

Whilst many suppliers and consequently many facilities, deliver local cryotherapy by simply blowing a stream of cold air from the hose outlet over soft tissue, Kloodos go much deeper and further: We make -30°C cryotherapy a forceful and integral part of the protocol. We add gravitas and authenticity to local cryotherapy. In fact, in our Cryo-to-Couch menu of therapies, we give equal billing to cryo and to touch. We know exactly how far to go, and we go further and deeper than anyone else.

By following a set sequence of movements across the body, we use a variety of different attachments to vary the intensity and velocity of the cold air stream. We follow specific channels and slow down the circulation, to give the body the all important chance to just slow things down, pause, take a moment and reset.

When we apply cryotherapy in our series of Cryo-to-Couch treatments, we sustain the application of -30 °C to take the client just to the edge of tolerance, before immediately applying warm hands in a skilled program that is a proven and results-driven hybrid of lymphatic drainage, meridian-clearance and acupressure. By applying the right amount of touch, in the right sequence, following just the right amount of cold therapy, the client benefits from a constant and accumulative sense of reward.


• Vagus Nerve strengthening and toning

• Lymphatic drainage
• Skin tightening and rejuvenation
• diminished pores

• Anti-bacterial effects
• Analgesic/pain relief
• Clears brain fog
• Releases endorphins
• Increases circulation
• Enhances any skincare you choose to use within the

• Unblocks trapped energy pathways
• Sharpens focus
• Clears the mind
• Relieves headaches and tension
• Enhances a general sense of wellbeing

• Helps to remove inflammation
• Takes away swelling
• Energises
• Strengthens gut brain axis

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Specific Care Programs 3-in-60 Can Open Up

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Skin Clinic

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Hair Clinic

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Brain Clinic

White Room

Vascular Clinic

White Room

Recovery Clinic

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Hormonal Clinic

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Weight Clinic

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Female/Male Clinic

Limitless possibilities for your menu...

Clients who purchase our Cryo-to-Couch module, will already have our local cryo: one of our popular and powerful technologies. This device can be integrated with not only most of the services you offer in-house already, but also forms part of some of our other protocols in the Bridge Series, notably the Infin8 Protocol for enhanced mental health wellness.

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Kloodos Cryo-to-Couch.jpg

Installation, Training & Support

Kloodos understands the importance of training and after- sales support; these are part of our pillars of service.

All equipment is supplied including installation, unless otherwise stated. We have online advanced training in how to use the various technologies, where necessary one-to-one training is also available.

As a valued B2B client, you also have access, via Kloodos, to some of the best and most qualified brains across the globe. Between us, we have the answers to support you going forward, to deliver real therapy and real wellness to your clients.

Because these protocols are developed by us, using our technologies and in conjunction with our independent experts, we are also able to offer a special bespoke service that enables us to tweak and mould our protocols to become your signature therapies in house.

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