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With over 30 years experience in the spa industry, primarily developing award winning treatment protocols for a variety of skincare houses as well as signature treatments for various facilities, our director Julie Cichocki has developed an extraordinary sense of what the market wants and more importantly, what the market needs!

Ahead of the curve, Julie began back in 2014 to advise spas and gyms that wellness was the way forward. Pure air and negative ions were how it all began, long before Pandemics and viruses were dominant. Julie’s appreciation of Advanced Technologies was piqued when she worked closely with the sports science departments within premier league football clubs. After understanding exactly what the technologies in professional sport were capable of achieving, Julie was amongst the first to really understand that the same technologies were necessary and really needed to help spa deliver real wellness, and so Kloodos began its journey.

Initially researching and then approaching the manufacturers of the best tech in the pro sporting sector. The vision and passion of Kloodos, driving to take these technologies to premium spa and private members clubs, coupled with Julies extensive experience and impressive contacts amassed over many years, was clear to see and won the day. Kloodos was able to secure major distribution contracts for a variety of the best technologies, from the acknowledged leading manufacturers across the world

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Our commitment all along was to work with only the best experts in manufacturing and also at pro sport level and to make a real difference. The team working at and with Kloodos include graduates in Law, Sports therapists, physiotherapists, doctors, sports scientist, physiologists, engineers and scientists. All this expert intelligence is at the disposal and benefit of all of our B2B clients.

Kloodos respect anatomy and physiology and understand that the human body is a matrix of complex systems and actions, all specialised but importantly all working in unison and integration. This is the model Kloodos adopted when carefully curating the portfolio of equipment we now distribute, and when creating our unique and logical treatment protocols.


Almost all of our services address the damaging increase of inflammation in the vast majority of us. We know that every session on every piece of equipment positively impacts our health by reducing inflammation, but importantly we know what else is required to deliver 360o mental and physical wellness and peak performance. We have perfected protocols and specialised training to educate our valued B2B clients in the need and logic of integrating the technologies and services, to deliver optimised results to clients. The why, how, when and what are all addressed and we know our clients are competent to move forward to deliver bespoke 1-2-1 service protocols to their Clients. This is the proven recipe for success!

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No other distribution company carries the breadth of technologies we carry, or has the in-depth knowledge, experience and qualified support contacts that help devise advanced and proven strategies/protocols; moreover none are specialising in integrated wellness. This makes a real difference between survival and success. Not only do your clients enjoy a more robust and complete therapy programme for broader effect, but your business benefits from competently guiding clients through not just 1, but multiple technologies, spending longer with you, engaging with you more completely and also returning time after time, trusting your knowledge and services and feeling the positive impact.

Working with Kloodos helps you to launch a fresh, cohesive, complete and optimised physical & mental health and wellness concept for peak performance and positive impact on quality, and length of life. A relationship with us guarantees also, that your facility stays at the cutting edge of technology and services, and of course integration of those into your concept, which keeps you always fresh, relevant and extremely in demand.


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