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The technology behind the Art of Cryo Cryotherapy Chambers is at least 30 years ahead of its nearest competitors

Kloodos are the UK distributors for the undisputed world leading manufacturers of Cryotherapy Chambers.

World over, Art of Cryo, a sub division of L & R Kältetechnik based in Germany, is recognised as the gold standard in Electric Cryotherapy and our chambers have been installed in the worlds most luxurious and reputable locations.

Steaming way ahead of the competition, L & R Kältetechnik's engineering and Kloodos' training is said to be 30 years ahead of its nearest competitor.


We love to receive the opportunity to explain why...just ask us

No Nitrogen. All our chambers are electrically fuelled

Proven cheapest to operate and run due to superior and energy efficient components

Trusted by the worlds most discerning clients and premium locations

Exclusive treatment software & training module to ensure staff competency

Real and accurate temperatures - We will even prove it to you!

German Precision - Over 35 years of experience in cryo and ultra deep temperatures

Finance packages available and support with business plans

Around the clock support and assistance via WhatsApp and email

"Whole Body Cryotherapy is not just a very effective therapy, it is also pleasantly refreshing​, psychologically enlightening, performance enhancing and improves self-confidence. About 35 years have now elapsed since it was first used, and during this time, particularly over the last 10 years, it has found widespread use over the whole of Europe, and indeed worldwide. It can be found in the therapeutic repertoire of many academic clinics, emergency hospitals, rheumatological centres, rehabilitation clinics, spa centres, medical practices, clubs and also sport-medical institutions". 

- Prof. Dr. sc med. Winfried Papenfuß - 'Power from the cold, Whole Body Cryotherapy at -110°C'

Whole Body Cryotherapy is the act of exposing ones Whole body to extreme cold temperatures (-110°C) for a short period of time (usually 3 minutes). 'Cryotherapy' is nothing new, according to traditions, medical schools in ancient Greece, Rome and also Persia propagated the use of cold remedies (snow, ice and cold water mixtures) for treating a range of diseases. 

'Whole Body Cryotherapy' where users fully immerse themselves in a chamber filled with extremely cold air, was originally pioneered in Japan in 1980 where T. Yamauchi introduced the concept to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis. Whole Body Cryo Chambers can now be found in most countries around the world. 

We work slightly differently to any other cryotherapy supplier on the market...
We first like to discuss your requirements and your goals...We then recommend a chamber that best suits your needs, your budget and the space you have available. It is here our relationship starts with you...

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The V1 Single Chamber

Entry Level Cryotherapy Chamber

We wanted the incredible benefits of whole body Cryotherapy to be accessible to everyone and so, Art of Cryo developed the V1 Vaultz Chamber. The V1 is an entry-level model for private households, spa suites and operators with low customer frequency. The V1 Chamber is an exceptional electric-fuelled substitute to partial body cryo solutions (otherwise known as Cryo Saunas). The V1 chamber is the perfect solution for operators with limited space and small infrequent usage.

The benefits from a V1 Vaultz include the following:



•Weight loss

•Energy and overall wellbeing



The V1 Vaultz Single Chamber is Perfect for:

  • Home installations

  • Individuals looking for an alternative to Nitrogen fuelled Cryo Saunas

  • Small/boutique Gyms and Training facilities with low customer usage

  • Boutique Wellness Facilities with low customer usage


Dimensions (of cell itself):

L 1.56 x W 1.2 x H 2.4 M approx


The V1 Lux Single Chamber

The Worlds coldest Single Cryo Chamber

The V1Lux unit is a single electric chamber Cryo unit and can reach guaranteed temperatures of -85°C. We are confident that our V1Lux single chamber is the coldest recorded and true to temperature single chamber on the market, worldwide.


The benefits from a V1Lux unit include the following:



•Weight loss

•Energy and overall wellbeing



The Single Chamber is Perfect for:

  • Stadiums

  • Home installations

  • Small/boutique Gyms and Training facilities

  • Boutique Wellness Facilities


L 1.47 x W 1.47 x H 2.64 M approx (standard V1Lux Chamber)


L 1.56 x W 1.2 x H 2.4 M approx (for spaces with limited ceiling height)

The V1Lux unit is the ideal option for those wanting to experience the full benefits of Cryotherapy but are limited on space, and budget. At -85°C you get all and more of the benefits typically required for a domestic user, the exception being medical applications, pain relief and the full and broad spectrum, mental and physical benefits of the -110 (temperatures below -100°C are guaranteed to deliver everything cryotherapy is known to be beneficial for). Please note, this is a single chamber and therefore we only ever advise that one person enters the chamber at once, this is to preserve the therapy and ensure the client experiences the full benefits from 3 minutes in the chamber; this is us taking cryotherapy seriously. It is our advice, to eliminate cross body heat exchange and thus dilute the therapy delivered, that you need to ensure that there is sufficient space for each occupant to stand in the chamber arms wide open. For accounts wanting to invest in the V1Lux model, but have more space to fit more clients, we also offer a V1Lux Pro 2 (for 2 people) and a V1Lux Pro 3 (for 3 people) chambers, please get in touch with us for more information on these specific chambers.


The V2 -110°C. Chamber

World-class Superior Double Cryo Chamber 

This is a serious, world-class, professional and medical-grade cryotherapy unit and is comprised of two chambers (rooms); a pre chamber at -60 °C and a further therapy room at -110 °C.


The two chamber cryo unit reaches real and guaranteed temperatures of -110 °C and boasts the following benefits:




•Weight loss

•Energy and overall wellbeing

•Mental/Physical wellbeing


•Pain relief – You can come off serious pain relief medication with regular and controlled use of the Art of Cryo -110°C Chamber

The V2 -110 °C Chamber is Perfect for:

  • Stadiums

  • Training Grounds

  • Large Commercial facilities

  • Cryo only Clinics that want to encourage large flow of clients

  • Gyms

  • Hotels

  • Leisure Centres

  • Spas and Wellness facilities

  • Hospitals

  • Rehabilitation Centres


L 4.2 x W 2.4 x H 2.55 M approx


5 people can use this chamber at once and with ease, without degradation of therapy temperature from body heat exchange.


We work with you to ensure the cryotherapy unit is deigned with you and your facility in mind and whilst we have standard size chambers, we can also work with you to design and build a custom chamber that best suits your needs, without compromising the therapy delivered.


Due to the pre -60°C room, the temperature in the therapy room is protected (unlike the single chamber), this therefore means you can welcome large numbers to your cryo unit with ease, and without loosing temperature. We have Centres across the world who regularly welcome 350+ people PER Day, for situations like this the 2 and 3 chamber are your preferred options.


The V3 -110°C. Chamber

World-class Superior Tripple Cryo Chamber 

​This superior ultimate Cryo unit comprises of three chambers (rooms). 2 x pre chambers at -10°C and -60 °C and a further therapy room at -110 °C. There is minimal heat loss from door open/close with the superior 3 chamber Cryo unit. The other major benefit of the 3 chamber device is comfort: clients often express that they feel more comfortable and relaxed in the larger, 3 chamber unit. 5* hotels, prestigious wellness clinics and premier football clubs have the V3 Vaultz chamber installed across the globe.



L 6 x W 2.4 x H 2.8 M approx


CustoRec ® by ProCcare - Exclusive to Art of Cryo

Treatment software defines individual treatment time and treatment sequence based on personal physical values (sex, skin type, BMI...), personal thermal perception (before & during intake session), used Vaultz model and treatment aim.

Exclusive Staff Training Course:

  • With every cryo chamber purchased we include a free course that enables operators to obtain a certification as “Whole Body Cryo Operator”

  • Show your customers you are professional

  • Easily train and qualify new staff, continuously

  • Remain up-to-date with all things Cryo via our monthly newsletter on new scientific studies and info

  • Advanced course available for scientific staff to become “Whole Body Cryo Experts”


The parent company of Art of Cryo, L & R Kältetechnik have been producing medical cold chambers and products for 35 years. The family-run company is located in Sundern, Germany and have been the world leaders in ultra low temperature systems and manufacturing since 1991 and are constantly idea has become a global company, employing over 200 specialists engineers and personnel. . L & R Kältetechnik are known worldwide for their reliable and innovative products, their award-winning designs and their customer-oriented services and support.

•Precision German technology

•Over 35 years of experience

•Recognised experts in all things cryo

•Doctors have written books based on the L&R chambers (Dr W Papenfub wrote the bible for cryotherapy clinics: "the power from the cold")

•The entire system including engineering, components, software, system checks and controls of an Art of Cryo chamber uses more components, more quality assurances, more fail safes and more individual parts than any other cryo chamber on the market; another thing we are proud of as this is what sets Art of Cryo/L&R apart from the competition.

•Since launch, no single device is out of operation due to technical fault

•Reliable technology and service with in-house engineers

•Reputation has carried them forward into private palaces, elite sports facilities and medical clinics as well as multi-award winning medi-spas.

”Julie & the Kloodos team supplied & installed our Cryotherapy chamber in September. They were an absolute pleasure to work with & the whole process ran smoothly from start to finish. Their communication at every stage was on point! Julie is extremely knowledgeable & has since provided training to the whole team & remains our main point of contact and is on hand for any questions or issues we may have. I cannot recommend them highly enough and we will certainly be working with them again in the future”. 

-  Group Spa Manager at KX Gym and Spa London

kloodos art of cryo chamber.jpg

Electrically Powered

  • Allows you to get the most out of your cryotherapy chamber. Electric chambers are on and ready for therapy 24/7

  • Superior therapy from dry atmosphere provides additional benefits from greater oxygen utilisation

  • Precision controlled temperatures prevent degradation due to body heat transfer. Sensors detect any increase in temperature and the condensers immediately kick in to restore optimum therapy temperature

  • Our electric chambers are equipped with smart technology, allowing you to preset your operational hours. The chamber is then ready to go during all of your operational hours, and automatically goes into standby outside of operational hours

  • Proven, reliable and sophisticated technology

  • Clean fuel

  • Heat exchange recovery system for energy efficiency (enables you to heat rooms or pool)

  • inexpensive operating costs, with stand-by mode

  • Safe and reassuring with remote diagnostics

  • No ongoing operational headaches

  • Superior design and components prevent faults

  • When not in use (outside opening hours), the Art of Cryo chambers are intelligent enough to rest in standby mode (where the temperature in the chamber is held at a safe but still cold level), this not only reduces daily running costs but also protects the components from continual spikes in extreme temperatures which weakens the metal and fragile components within the unit and plant room, these spikes also use more electrically to cool the chamber to therapy levels.

  • For over three decades there are no L&R cryo chambers out of commission due to faulty parts or technical issues... we are VERY proud of this, especially since no other manufacturer world-wide can boast anywhere near the longevity and reliability of this achievement.

  • ​The entire system including engineering, components, software, system checks and controls of an Art of Cryo chamber uses more components, more quality assurances, more fail safes and more individual parts than any other cryo chamber on the market; another thing we are proud of as this is what sets Art of Cryo/L&R apart from the competition.

Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at 13.14.29.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at 13.14.41.png

Art of Cryo Unical Special Build and Semi-Mobile Chambers

We understand that not all cryotherapy business are the same. Because the market knows that L&R are the world leading experts in cryotherapy, we have been asked to design and build one-off special units; this has been to allow for space, relocation of the business and individual needs etc

Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at 13.56.46.png

World-Class Training and Support

With over 30 years experience in developing protocols and training premium spas and wellness facilities, Kloodos offer unsurpassed training and support. Our cryotherapy training is more in-depth and is unparalleled, and equips you and your staff to operate a knowledgeable, superior and qualified cryo clinic. We aim to give you the broadest knowledge in this therapy and our intelligent training allows your staff to answer almost any questions your clients may ask. For further reassurance and peace of mind, we also make a promise to get back to you by return with expert advice should it be needed.

This is why existing Kloodos clients love to work with us.



Our remote diagnostics is the most reliable, as well as the quickest in terms of response times, on the market. Due to the reliability and superior engineering of L&R's technology, over 99% of all adjustments necessary can be made remotely, saving you time, money, hassle, and stress.



Only ONE annual service is required as our chambers run at optimised levels consistently and continually without the need for physical intervention.

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